Terms of service

Some simple rules to keep it cool for everyone.

Terms of service

One of the reasons we get good deals is that we take data center rules seriously. Our terms of service are simple but they really must be respected:

By using any of Xirvik's services you agree to these terms of service.

Credit card payments

When processing credit card payments we rely on our bank credit card system. When placing an order you will be connected to the bank system in which you will enter the required information and once the payment is processed you will be sent back to our website. We do not receive, store or need your credit card details for any reason. We will never ask you for financial information by any means (including phone or email).

Privacy - your data and the use we make of it

In short: We don't share your data with absolutely anyone. Be aware however than depending on how you pay the financial entities (PayPal, Banco Santander, ING) will have access to your financial details (that they do not share with us).

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